in pictures


The distance between Turkey and Lesvos / Greece is in some places only 5 km:


These are the inflatables which are most of the time overcrowded:


Abandoned inflatable boats and lifejackets:


This is also what people lost under all the prasure and stress:


We process the boats and cut and wash them right on the beach. The lifejackets we also use. From the outer fabric we are sewing inside pockets for the boat bags. The inside of the lifejackets is a kind of plastic foam. We use it for the back cushion of our backpacks, as well as for the strap to make the bags more comfortable. Also, the band and the clips we process:


What we do not use from the boats, we take it from the beach and throw it away. The island has not really found a solution for disposal the large amount of rubber boats and life jackets:


In our workshop in Athens everything is sorted and cleaned from  salt water. Also, the lifejackets we are taking apart in order to
use it easier:


Then with the help of patterns we paint the pieces on the boat we cut them out and sew them together:


When the bags are ready we are spraying our logo and slogans on it:

bag for good.