(English) our thoughts

«If there where legal ways of entry, I would not have to risk my life on a overcrowded rubber boat

B. : «Boat Bags, are made out of the rubber-boats we came with … It is like a extension of our memory … the boats that brought us here, we are carrying on now..»

A. : «Do you know why I sew the bags? I‘m not doing this for money, I want to prove to people that I can do something and i am woth something. «

M. : «Bags made of donated clothes, textiles that no one needs anymore – we made them new and useable again … The people think that we refugees are of no value, but as we find the value in the thrown away things, it is with us. With in us there is a value to recognize.»

Azadi bidune mars- is persian and means: freedom without bordesrs

bag for good.